Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Just wanted to share a few things we did at our house this year. Not a big holiday for us but its still fun do a few festive things. Whipped up a quick St. Patricks Day wreath today #crafting #stpatricksday

I was inspired by Flamingo Toes' St. Patrick's Day wreath and created a simplified version. I had a shamrock die for my Sizzix so I cut the felt with that, glued to a second darker piece of felt and cut this piece with scissors.

The leprechaun left a train of shamrocks that led to a basket of green goodies for my son - butterfly net, green hot wheels, Minecraft characters, green stylus for his Nintendo DS and baseball cards.

   St. Patricks day surprise

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Classic Family Movie Night {family activities}

One family activity we try to do at least once a month is family movie night. Since my son has finally reached a stage where he enjoys non-animated movies (though he does still love animated movies and shows), we've been selecting classic family movies to watch. Now I use the word classic and many of the movies I'm thinking of are from the 80s and 90s (those that I enjoyed as a kid) so I don't know if classic is the correct word but you get what I mean - I'm not that old, am I???

This past Saturday we watched Back to the Future and it was a huge hit with my son. Back to the Future II and III are high on the list for future movie nights.

Now without traditional television and no longer any local video stores it can be harder to find the classics. We love Red Box but it only has the latest movies. We own some, borrow some and a few you can find on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Libraries are also a great source but you often need to plan ahead and reserve the movie. For those you can't find for free, you can often find them for a small fee on Apple TV or Amazon.

What we've watched 
Ghost Busters (I, II, III)
Home Alone (I and II)
Wizard of Oz
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
Harry Potter

Future movie nights
Back to the Future II
Back to the Future III
Bad News Bears
Jaws (maybe)
Beetle Juice
Jurassic Park (all 3)

Now some movies we tried to watch my son wasn't quite ready for. Karate Kid (the original) was too slow for my son and we'll try it again in a few years. I thought Grease would be great with the signing and dancing but I forgot about all the adult content (he got bored and didn't understand a lot,,,that's good) so that will wait a few years - because he liked the signing and dancing I let him watch High School Musical which he really enjoyed.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tempe Paintball {things to do in Arizona}

Tempe Paintball {things to do in AZ} - kids paintball 

Our adventure for this past weekend was paintball and oh boy was it a hit with my son! We went to Tempe Paintball for their Lil' Ballerz session designed for kids ages 7-12. They use a smaller paintball so its perfect for the kids. Our Pogo Passes give us 1 free session every month (not including Saturdays) including equipment rental and 100 paint balls. You can buy more paintballs but 100 lasted him for 6 rounds so it was perfect.  They split the kids into two groups and have them do two 10 minute sessions before taking a break. There are multiple TV screens in the waiting area so you can watch the battles.

When we were leaving my son said "that was my favorite thing we've done with our Pogo Passes" - that beats out the zoo, waterpark and the aquarium. We'll definitely be going back next month.

Get your Phoenix Pogo Pass today! Use discount code SWEET to get your pass for $39.98 (list price is $99.95). And if you purchase between now and Sunday February 16th, you will also receive a $5 Harkins gift card (which will be mailed to you) for each card your purchase. That's a SWEET deal. Without the Pogo Pass, the cost for Lil' Ballerz is $35 and you get that free EVERY Month with your Pogo Pass (the only difference is Pogo Pass admission comes with 100 paintballs instead of 300 but if needed you can but 200 for $10 though 100 was enough for my son)

Sweet Shoppe Mom has an affiliate relationship with Pogo Pass. We purchased our own Pogo Passes and all reviews and opinions are our own. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bowling {things to do in Arizona}

With an active 8 year old boy, we're always looking for things to do around town. Bowling is always a fun family activity and we usually head out to Brunswick Zone which has several locations in the valley, including one close to our home. Our Pogo Passes now include 2 free games every week and since my son and I both have passes we only had to pay to rent shoes. We had to wait a little bit for a lane to open up (Sunday afternoon leagues were using many of the lanes) so we hung out in the arcade for a bit. Once leagues were done, they switched to Cosmic Bowling which my son thought was the best - lights out, flashing lights and black lights and some fun music. Its been a few months since we've gone bowling and he has gotten so much better! starting to bowl with one hand and stays out of the gutter (we used bumpers but many times he didn't even use them).

My son, who loves to dress up, decided a western look today.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Phoenix Zoo {things to do in Arizona}

Phoenix Zoo collage

 My son doesn't return to school until today from the holiday break so yesterday we decided to visit the Phoenix Zoo. Its been a few years since we went together other than for evening holiday events (Howl o ween and zoo lights). We were able to use our Pogo Passes so we got in free!

One of my son's favorite things is looking for the turtles in the pond outside the zoo entrance - he was already having a great time before we even got into the park.
Turtle pond Phoenix Zoo

We got to see Luca, their Andean bear cub

 And we even got good views of the lions
Phoenix Zoo lions
We had a great time and it was a gorgeous day. I was very impressed with the improvements the Phoenix Zoo has made to their exhibits over the years since I first started visiting 8 years ago.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Day trip to Sedona, AZ {things to do in Arizona}

Sedona AZ daytrip collage
We decided to head north to Sedona last weekend for some day hiking. Such an amazing escape with a drive less than 2 hours away with cooler temperatures and breath taking beautiful views. We hiked our usual Bell Rock path. My nature-loving son had a blast searching for rocks and hiking up the mountain. And the hike was perfect level of difficulty for my 7 year old son.

Sedona AZ Bell Rock Hike

Sedona AZ Bell Rock Hike

We drove the Tesla and made the round trip without the need for a charge (which is good because there aren't any good charging options available yet in Sedona).

After our hike we headed into town with a stop at Touchstone Gallery where we let me son pick out something to buy - after much consideration he picked a fossilized bear tooth. Love his passion for nature.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

We here at Sweet Shoppe Mom wish you a Happy Halloween. This year my son requested to be Harry Potter this year - I had bought the costume a few years ago on Halloween clearance for dress up play so since we already had the costume, I thought that sound like a great and easy plan. (sorry for the quality of the photos - these were post trick-or-treating)

  Another shot of my Harry Potter
My Harry Potter #halloween #harrypotter 

 and the bucket that I customized for him with my Silhouette

  Crafting for my Harry potter #silhouette #halloween #harrypotterHalloween crafting #silhouette #harrypotter #halloween